For all of us that do design, graphics, web, multimedia and audio work, Adobe’s Creative Cloud has been the cornerstone of our lives.

There’s a huge group of wonderful content creation tools that have been available for years from the open source community. I’ve always been amazed how few of our peers know about what it is, what it has to offer, or that it even exists.

This doesn’t seem that you have spent time with Gimp, Inkscape, or Blender. Granted their interfaces are different than Adobe products, but it doesn’t mean they are not well thought out. There is a learning curve but well worth the investment.

For most Web graphics Gimp is great for resizing, resolution changes and cropping. Photo touch up is a breeze with fast and great results. Given great Web design should not be derived from a Photoshop mock but rather fit to the content and be responsive, Gimp can fill most every Web raster graphic need. After all many of the depth, gradients, shadows, and borders are now done via HTML+CSS, there is less of a Photoshop need for Web designers.



Inkscape interface is far easier to use with a graphics tablet than Illustrator or Photoshop. Really great illustrations can be had using inkscape.



Finally, Blender is an amazing 3D experience, advanced rendering, post effects, blob modeling, inverse kinematics, incredible lighting, particles, smoke and mist. It also sports a full fledged Audio editing multi track with post editing. All for free with great teaching tutorials.




So, please give these a try before such blanket and unwarranted opinions.